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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Turning Trash Into Art...

was the focus of the day. I am taking part in the 'ACEO Bounty' competition on Etsy (see here for more details). Basically, anyone can set a challenge to either a specific artist, or all of us (there are around 80 signed up), and view the results either by keeping an eye on the Promotions thread to see ACEOs as they are posted, or by searching the Etsy database for 'ACEO Bounty'. I thought that I might make several challenge pieces, using things and ideas I've had for a while. The perfect opportunity to use some bits and pieces I'd been hoarding for a while.

Cleaning out the garage a while back, I came across some corrugated paper that was definitely distressed! It did have wonderful texture, however, and some interesting variations in colour. I added a fragment of that to a piece of stitched dryer paper, backed with velvet, that had been dyed, as well as some pieces of snail shell found in the garden last year. The result was 'Cracked And Torn', the ACEO that is pictured here. I'm very pleased with it. Amazing what you can do when you try!


Anonymous said...

I love it. The colors and all the texture. Great job.

Eli. J Jewelry said...

beautiful textures! :)