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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Okay, Barbara...

I got over it. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, and to Barbara for the kind kick (only kidding, honest...). It was clearly a blip; I got over it today. I've been a busy bee, finishing off small pieces and even managing to assemble a couple, like this piece here, Celtish, which refers to some of the marks made by the Celts on stones and the like, despite not being in a palette that would immediately suggest it! It is made from dyed lutradur over cotton, and is slightly bigger than A4 size. I'm being domestic today, too, though it was pretty pointless hanging out the washing just before a very heavy shower... well, it was warm and pleasant outside, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The next couple of days aren't going to be quite as much fun. Dentist tomorrow, therapist on Thursday and the hairdresser, too. I may not be recognisable in France! So, if I'm quiet for the next couple of days, I either hate my tooth, hate myself or hate my hair. And all three are pretty unlikely, really. But wish me luck, anyway!


Dianne said...

This piece is sooo lovely I love the soft colors... You know how I feel abour The Celtic stuff:):) I hope you have a fun prosperous time away..
Good luck and you will be lovely after your hair cut..

Carol said...

I really liket this work Marion,
the colours glow,
Love your new picture,

Jill said...

Gorgeous...I love this piece.