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Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Much...

for my declaration of intent, though I still stand by it. I wasn't accepted into the exhibiting group, which is a shame. But I think that perhaps I might form my own... anyone interested?

One of the things mentioned at length in that statement, was my passion for markmaking. The image is 'Mermaids', a mixed media piece which I made a while ago, and then revisited in May this year, using Brusho sprays to add texture, colour and interest. It has the feel of a cave painting, this, and I wondered how I would produce such an effect in fabric. Yesterday, I worked it out. I'm having to travel back and forward on the bus to work, and that time is great for thinking. I haven't tried out this idea, yet, so I'm not going to share it; it might not work! But I'm hopeful.

I'm franticly busy, what with the job, the books and preparing for teaching at all the Knitting and Stitching shows this year, including my first time at Dublin and Ally Pally... just forwarded the list of supplies needed to ColourCraft, who are making up the kits for the classes. I'm teaching three; Monoprint Magic, with transfer paints, Beautiful Brusho Backgrounds and Markal Mark Making. All three should, I hope, be lots of fun. I really enjoy teaching, I get to meet lovely people, and we usually laugh a lot. This years FOQ class had several people who had been in last year's FOQ class, and it was great to see them. If you're not coming to the workshops, come and see me if you're at either Ally Pally, Dublin or Harrogate; I'll be demonstrating on the ColourCraft stand most of the time.


Kit Lang said...

Sorry you didn't make it into the show. :(

Love this "Mermaids" piece!

liniecat said...

Well more fool them for not hauling you into the group! Fab colour in this piece, that will be a challenge depicting it in fabrics.
Im off to Harrogate ( buying, not a stall holder)so will try and say hello if your not too busy on the day. Good luck with all the juggling things together!