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Thursday, February 15, 2007


are contrary critters. I watched one this morning from the car, killing time before an appointment (I'm congenitally early for everything, and therapy is far from being an exception; today, I arrived early enough to go do a bit of shopping...). Anyway, I was parked on a quiet road that is obviously used a lot by learners. One learner stopped abreast of a car, obviously ready to parallel park. S/he blew it somewhat, and in the space of time it took the driver to manoeuvre back out of things, and into a better line with the kerb, a beautiful, fluffy tabby cat strolled out into the middle of the road, thought the better of it, and plonked herself down just where the car should have ended up. And sat there. And sat there. And washed. She (I just think it had to be a she...) had chosen to sit just outside of reach of the car, so when it successfully reached the kerb, she calmly rose and strolled out across the front of another learner driver, who probably panicked magnificently and slammed on the brakes. None of this worried said cat. In fact, when she'd got to the other side, and the car had gone, she changed her mind, strolled back over the road, and then realised that there was A Human coming...that spooked her, and off she ran. Cars were clearly okay; Humans, not.

Nothing done today; therapy is exhausting, so I slept the afternoon away in company with my own dozy felines. The picture is an encaustic made earlier on this week. The scan doesn't do justice to the many layers of colour and the texture.


KDS said...

That was quite an entertaining story to read. Thanks.

They will sleep anywhere if allowed. Long ago there was a cat which used to visit occassionally and once it found a nice cozy place and slept there during the night. It later realized that it had slept in a temporary oven made out in the open. Had to take it to the vet'opital for first aid :)

Carol said...

Marion, this encaustic piece is wonderful, I clicked to enlarge, the texture looks as if you could sink into it, Love it.

Terri said...

Very nice. I'm always early too. Comes from having parents who had a reputation for always being late - if they arrived at all. Give those felines a scritch from me. :o)

Felicity said...

Must be a funny moon phase - yesterday I was watching two funny felines in the garden trying unsuccessfully to climb our tree. One came over to say hello while the other climbed into the barbeque!

I used to be late for everything like my parents but I'm a bit better after marrying an early bird type, but it's really hard to change even though I know it's very bad manners.

lisette said...

therapy turns me inside out - i feel exhausted after a big session.

i think cats know exactly what they're doing :)