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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nice Surprises

I like reading my namesake Marion's blog, all the way over in Australia. So, when she put a picture up of a piece she wasn't entirely happy with, asking for thoughts, I gave her you do... If it's cotton, I said, why not discharge dye it? Send it to me, I said, I'll do it...thinking, as you do, that she would get lots of answers, and I was fairly safe... It arrived a couple of days ago (thanks, Marion), with a snazzy little bag, and I've been contemplating it ever since.

I've pinched Marion's photo of it for the blog, here. My first surprise was that in real life, the colours are quite different, the lights are lighter, the greens more sophisticated. So my first thought, to break up the structure a bit by random discharging, is not something I really want to do. What I may do, is introduce some diagonals...and quilt accordingly. I've become increasingly interested in 'stitch as mark'. I'm not sure that that will work in this highly structured piece, it may not be enough to draw the eye out of the structure and into the marks... but you never know. Or at least, not until you try.

Watch this space...

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The Wittering Rainbow said...

I like this piece a lot, but what a responsibility to take on someones work and add to it.My first thoughts were to use the structure as a foil for more organic shapes on the top. I see discharged lines and big stitch quilting in some form. MMMMmmm....pass it over when you've finished! (joking - definitely!)