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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Turtle No More

The Quilt Formerly Known As Turning Turtle, or QFATT, as it's lovingly known, as discussed a couple of days ago, is turtle no more. If you can find a reference to turtle, anywhere in the photo, I'll eat my hat. Not that I have a hat, but you know what I mean! The last picture I showed of it, was in a particular orientation. That has gone, too, thanks to a conversation with a friend, who said, within minutes of seeing it, that it didn't matter which way it was hung, it looked we decided that sideways Was Better. And every reference to turtles, real or imaginary, seems to have vanished.

What I discovered instead, was that I was making a textile in a paint series. I've been working on pieces called 'In More Than One Language'. Somehow, this piece seems to fit into that series very nicely. I started making this particular quilt, if you remember, with the intention of making a piece for the 'Elemental' exhibition. Clearly, it wasn't interested in being in any exhibition... I'm discovering, increasingly often, that I can't work to order. I make what I make. And that's all there is to it! Applying discipline just means that I turn up, make the work, and it decides what it wants to be... sigh... it would be nice to be in charge, occasionally...

Meanwhile, I'm still not sure if 'In More Than One Language V' (or QFATT, if you prefer) is finished. I think a little metal is called for...


JulieZS said...

I don't see a turtle or a hat!! I do see a good piece, and I like that you are thinking of adding metal, a very useful direction to head. Your comment about not being able to make stuff to order, I so identify with this, I just make what I make. I can save myself and others a lot of time and trouble by just admitting that upfront.

Anonymous said...

Marion, I don't think any of us can work to order. We just work. At least on the days that our bodies are willing, we do the work we have in front of us.

Then we have this series and that series, then there's this other stuff over there. Some days an entry and one of the works in one of the piles match up.

Then, if we are inclined, we can enter the whatever.