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Friday, March 17, 2006

Dyeing to...

see how my cloth has come out! It's still in the washing machine, so photos tomorrow, perhaps. Meanwhile, I've been adding colour to some batik, which has been hanging around waiting for me to remember it for weeks, now (really must keep up these lists, they work!). Both have had navy dye added to them, it'll be interesting to see how they end up. These are made with a beeswax with other waxes added; I've now got some soya wax, and some instructions (thanks, Arashi), so I'll try that next, sounds as if it's a lot easier to work with. And doubtless, will have its own peculiarities and limitations, too.

I'm now wondering about the patterning in that picture of the frost covered windscreen from yesterday. I meant to make work based on it...that was, oh, three years ago...and still there is nothing. So suddenly, it has come to the head of the queue, mainly because I love the texture of it. I thought I might explore different ways of creating similar effects on fabric. I don't suppose they'll be any different to anything anyone else might come up with, you understand, but it might be interesting to play with. If you think the same, feel free to use the picture and come up with your own versions...if you send me an image or two, I'll put them up on the blog. Have fun with it, I intend to! And do let me know if you work with the image, whether or not you want the results published here. If it's a popular thing, I might even run a challenge...with A Prize !!


Rayna said...

Not being experienced with regular batik wax, I couldn't tell you that there were any peculiarities to soy wax. I love it. Glad you found a source in the U.K.

Lynn said...

I love the look of these two pieces of fabric. Are they "before" and "after" shots of the same fabric or two different ones? (Sorry, I'm not a careful reader. When I was an editor I had to be but now I'm retired.)

The top photo in today's blog is gorgeous too. So evocative; I could spend a lot of time just gazing at it. I'm lucky to have some of your spectacular hand-dyed and painted fabrics.

Claudia said...

Fabric dyeing is so much fun, I agree. Your fabrics look great, I look forward to seeing them in a piece.